Blows Off The Cobwebs


*blows off the cobwebs from this site* So many things happening that I really really want to share, coz it’s unlike me to just shut off totally but I guess I have to for now! Soon soon! The emotional roller coaster that is on-going and the battles that I have […]

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Jom! Style


Finally a breather after being tied down with work, health, bakes and other day-to-day stuffs. So to add on my on-going to-do list, I have come up with this new site along side with my family. Hopefully it’ll bring joy to people buying them as it has brought me joy to […]

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Hello World!

Tini's Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Tart

Literally, hello world! It’s been months since my last post and so many things have been happening in my life (ups and downs) that I do not know here to start! For a start, I am doing pretty fine with exciting news to share (really itching to share) but I’ll […]

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IVF – Ready, Set, Go!


4 – 7 March 2016 Our journey for another fresh round of IVF starts today and the difference between KKH and NUH is that the injections would be done between 6pm – 9pm instead of doing it in the morning. For the 1st few jabs, I am given 150 units of the Gonal […]

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Excuse For A Party

2016 Feb - Melly's Birthday

Every year, for each of our birthdays, we’d pool a certain amount and then ask for a wishlist or previous years, we’d surprise each other with birthday gifts, a small dinner celebration and just plain ol’ catching up with each other. However, this year we decided to change that and […]

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Helping in One Way or Another

Love Life

I have changed my site’s domain names a couple of time. Started off from Multiply, and then to eventually WordPress. When Multiply mentioned about closing down for good, I managed to export all my posts and comments but the images went haywire, hence some of my older posts don’t have […]

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Finally sent the husband off yesterday night for his flight. Husband-less for the next few weeks. *wooohhoooo* hahhaha Ok kidding! He has been planning this trip with his childhood friend, Zuheri, since mid Jan. *sobs* If it’s not coz of the last min planning and other commitments in hand, I […]

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Sawadeeka! Krabi Family Trip

2015 Krabi Trip - Sunset @ Chaba

I was looking forward to planning a family trip together. When my lil’ brother mentioned that he wanted to get married, I was more than elated to receive a new member into the family and felt that the family was finally complete. As soon as his majlis was over, I […]

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Back to Basics (Tajweed)


When I was younger, I remembered learning the muqadaam amd quran. I did not recall going for madrasah classes though. Not too sure why. Everything that I learnt was from my guru ngaji and nothing detailed. But of course there are days when I’d skip classes and hang out with […]

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