09 Nov
Protected: In Limbo

Things haven't exactly been a bed of roses. I guess it has finally hit me that I have issues in the baby department. I have always been the kind to...

22 Oct

You knew how much we were looking forward to it and for you to say what you said...

13 Oct

Finally after settling down at the new campus, the company is finally doing a dinner and dance event. They only had it during my 1st year @ Grand Copthorne beside...

22 Sep
Pebble Time Steel

*blows off dusts and negativity for now* On a happier note, Wohooo! This finally came today and I am super stoked! They launched the project a while back and was asking...

Image Source: http://widowspath.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/just-need-a-good-cry/
01 Sep
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Everyone has their own battles to fight on a daily basis. Having gone through an ordeal myself, I have learnt to let go of the not so important things in...

13 Aug
Crab Madness!

For the love of crabs, a few girl friends decided to give this Penang Street Buffet promotion a try and we were glad that we did. They had varieties of...

04 Aug
Eid 2015 (Family)

This year the aunt and the kiddos are here in Singapore and besides some family drama during Eid, everything else was ossum especially with the kids. Plus with a new...

Babies Galore!

I am happy coz there are so many babies popping out or going to pop out soon in my circle of friends/ family during the Ramadhan period. Nan's SIL is...