Excuse For A Party

2016 Feb - Melly's Birthday

Every year, for each of our birthdays, we’d pool a certain amount and then ask for a wishlist or previous years, we’d surprise each other with birthday gifts, a small dinner celebration and just plain ol’ catching up with each other. However, this year we decided to change that and […]

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Helping in One Way or Another

Love Life

I have changed my site’s domain names a couple of time. Started off from Multiply, and then to eventually WordPress. When Multiply mentioned about closing down for good, I managed to export all my posts and comments but the images went haywire, hence some of my older posts don’t have […]

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Finally sent the husband off yesterday night for his flight. Husband-less for the next few weeks. *wooohhoooo* hahhaha Ok kidding! He has been planning this trip with his childhood friend, Zuheri, since mid Jan. *sobs* If it’s not coz of the last min planning and other commitments in hand, I […]

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Sawadeeka! Krabi Family Trip

2015 Krabi Trip - Sunset @ Chaba

I was looking forward to planning a family trip together. When my lil’ brother mentioned that he wanted to get married, I was more than elated to receive a new member into the family and felt that the family was finally complete. As soon as his majlis was over, I […]

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Back to Basics (Tajweed)

Source: http://www.slideshare.net/saffura/tajweed-untangled-44977519

When I was younger, I remembered learning the muqadaam amd quran. I did not recall going for madrasah classes though. Not too sure why. Everything that I learnt was from my guru ngaji and nothing detailed. But of course there are days when I’d skip classes and hang out with […]

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Cakes - Dyan

Happy New Year (45 days late… hehhe)! It’s been a while since I blogged. So many things happening in my life and not to sure what to blog about first. So gonna start off with cakes! I have recently taken up a new hobby/ interest. Ever since the private class that I tagged along with Farah to Sydney…

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