Oh My Tarts!

Recently I opened a “small” order for Hari Raya. I was thinking that since I got a good review when I made my salted caramel dark chocolate tarts during the Ola Lola Charity Bake Sale, I thought to myself that I could compact it and make “mini-pop-in-your-mouth” version of it and extra cash for duit zakat for the kids perhaps…hehhehe. Keeping in mind that I’ll probably take in about 30 sets so that I won’t overwhelm myself and so I opened the orders a week ago at abt 10am.

The orders started coming in and soon family members and close friends and even strangers messaged me personally to confirm their order. I was ecstatic that it got a good response. I am the kind who has a difficulty saying No to people and thinking that I can still manage, I accepted more orders and upon consolidating them, it came to a whooping 50 sets! I am VERY thankful but at the same time also worried that I may not be able to fulfill the orders. Before it got out of hand, I had to close the orders by 4pm that day itself. Eventually, I still do get calls and whatsapp from friends to just slot in an order or two or three hehhehe…. Not that I do not want to but I’ll definitely feel bad if I am not able to complete them by raya. Plus I think if I take in any more orders, my own home would not be raya-ready. And I’m sure I’ll get constant blabbering from the husband.

My SINCEREST apologies for not being able to take in any more orders and I thank those who have ordered from me. Keeping a positive frame of mind, if I am able to complete this 1st batch, I might take in those who have messaged me personally. Who knows I can open this up again after the raya period.

Salam Ramadhan!



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