Suker Sekali!

Its been a while since I last played netball… 2 years ago to be exact. For me, I’m not like Leeza & Nurul, where they actually have a fixed position to play. I guess I was all over ahhahah… Have to keep asking the girls the boundaries. But hopefully in time, I’ll get the hang of it again… The training was fun… alas, some form of workout at the end of every week… and like Nurul says… good way of saying goodbye to the sahabat babats… ahahha… :p So its a commitment every Sunday @ Darul Ma’wa…

We then headed to West Mall for some food.. Giordano was having sale! Ahackz! AND I AM ABLE TO FIT INTO A SIZE “S” AGAIN!!! Wee~ ahahhaha suker sekali!


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