Fever Before Your Cycle

Not too sure how many of you ladies get this but I have been having this too often. Only this recent one is that I have been getting it quite daily. I was on Dydrogesterone to induce my cycle and after the 5th day, i started to get a sudden surge of fever, chills and then hot cold flashes. So I googled and got these from http://cm-cure.com/pms-pre-menstrual-syndrome.

PMS – Fever
PMS Fever is an acute fever which recurrs regularly before each period. This type of fever will generally be a low grade fever which is more prominant at night and may be accompanied by night sweats. There are 4 main causes all having slighlty different presentations:

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

1. Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency

PMS fever which goes up and down like the tide (tidal fever). This type of fever generaly is very mild Pre Menstrual but gets worse after the period has started. The period usually has scanty amounts of blood and is regular or slightly thick er blood.

Principle of Treatment: – nourish Yin – clear heat

2. Heat in Blood

PMS fever which is greater in intensity (high fever) and may be accompanied by skin rashes or skin eruptions (red intense acne), red complexion, and sleep disturbances. Generally the periods bleed will be heavy and commonly come early (early periods).

Principle of Treatment: – clear heat – cool blood to reduce fever

3. Qi and Blood Deficiency

This type of PMS fever generally occurs just prior and during the period. The fever is a low level one and is accompanied with possible sweating, fatigue, pale complexion, pale scanty period bleeding or heavy pale bleed.

Principle of Treatment: – nourish Spleen Qi to harmonize Ying – nourish blood, to reduce fever.

4. Qi and Blood stagnation.

Blood stagnation PMS fever generally comes before or during the period and is accompanied with dark menstrual blood which contains clots. The period will be very painful and cramping will also be present pre menstrual. The tongue will have a dark hue to it and the patients face may look “ashen” or slighlty dark skin. This pattern is very common in with painful periods.

Principle of Treatment: – promote circulation. – remove Blood Stasis to reduce fever

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  1. i have fever before AF too. Not those teruk sangat, but i’ll feel macam entire body heaty, and lemah. Then malam takleh tido because i will have this severe back pain.

    1. Ah okie….so im not alone… must be thinking that this is one of PCOS nyer antics… so how have you been dah start the injections. My cycle just came, so 1st check-up this Monday.

      1. Ooooh so u’ll be starting the injections on monday?
        My injections started today! I tried poking tadi. It was painless. Looking forward to poke the next one tomorrow. Lol

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