Babies Galore!

I am happy coz there are so many babies popping out or going to pop out soon in my circle of friends/ family during the Ramadhan period. Nan’s SIL is expecting a baby girl, Nan’s close friend Dhzul & Lyza, they are expecting a 2nd child, a baby boy. One of which that I am looking forward to is my girlfriend, Emelia. I know she was also trying when I was then pregnant then. She had endometriosis and went for a surgery for that. Alhamdulillah with their perseverance of trying it naturally, they conceived almost 6 mths after the surgery. The fun part is that she and her husband do not want to know the gender of the baby and it will be a surprise for them and all of us. Most of the girls are hoping that it’d be a girl! 🙂 Can’t wait to shower these babies with gifts. As a matter of fact she is being induced today so all of us are waiting for the good news.

Honestly, I am happy and excited for them. Someone passed a remark the other day saying that they didn’t want to kecoh-kecoh around me about her pregnancy as they are afraid that I’d not be ok with what happened and all. But I told her that ni semua rezeki masing-masing, I don’t think I am the kind to think ill of people being pregnant or people giving birth… lol. I’m sure everyone has their trials and tribulations when trying to conceive.

Can’t wait for ’em to start popping out!


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