Eid 2015 (Family)

This year the aunt and the kiddos are here in Singapore and besides some family drama during Eid, everything else was ossum especially with the kids. Plus with a new addition to the family. Alhamdulillah the my side of the family is complete. Nasib my sister-in-law also the kind who is gila2 and can blend in well with the family!


Family Eid 2015

This adorable lil’ girl is the highlight for this year’s Eid for me. Shoooooo tiut and intelligent for a 2 year old.

We taught her to smile showing her teeth… so when we say “Gigi”, she’ll put her finger to the side of her cheeks and gave us a wide smile. Here’s a short video showing her cuteness.

We managed to cover almost all of my side and husband’s side but there are still a few that we may have missed out! Here are just some photos!




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