Day 6: Spidey Senses

Day 6: From a low angle.
I hope this fits the bill. Ever since I moved to the new place, even though it’s far, I am looking forward to be here. The environment seems much better. So I have been at work early and once settled down, breakfast @ the canteen first. The kopi & teh here are POWER!
day 6

My 5 Senses Now

  1. Sound – Blasting away my Spotify list while @ work.
  2. Sight – 2 screens on non-stop work. But multi-tasking work and this post!
  3. Touch – Typing away on my black keyboard.
  4. Smell – Sweet Pea body lotion from Bath & Body Works. (love the smell and it lasts throughout the day)
  5. Taste – Kopi Kao! Peng (iced coffee from the canteen here)

Reference: The “Self-Keep The Site Alive” Challenge


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