Me in A Formal Gown/Dress??

My boss, Mr Mark Phooi, made it as one of the finalists for the Top Entrepreneur of the Year, by the ASME and Rotary Club. He has invited me and 2 other colleagues from the school, to attend the ceremony/dinner, this coming 8th September 06, Friday @ the Ritz Carlton… Wo wo wo!! But the thing is it a formal black tie affair. Can the kebaya be worn? If not I have to find myself a gown/dress for that event… eeppss!!  Can anyone recommend a place/shop for a nice simple gown/dress? What’s the estimated cost for one?

Eeekkksss… now I really have to work out those flabs… ada jer nampak when i wear the dress… :p Ahahah!


  1. Metro-Exclusive Collection, can find some cheap ones. Looks fancy, but actually very cheep cheep. If you wanna go higher end, can always go Gucci. Heh.

  2. traditional dress can be passsed off as formal – been to some and it passed well. i have a couple of vintage ones, wanna see?

    warehouse has some nice pieces and not auntie-auntie, pick something off shoulder and can match a dorian ho neck piece that i have…pretty pink with vintage accents.

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