Whats Your Take On….

Whats your take on who to make the first move… Most of them say just leave it to the guys coz if the female of the species were to make and the guy to reject kan paiseh… But then again it goes the same for the opposite gender kan kan kan…

Anyways its a subjective topic… your views pls…


  1. I think IF you really feel the guy' worth it, and you can't stop thinking about him day and night, and it's been going on for months, then why not. Nothing wrong with it. IF la…

  2. ahahah not me lah makcik…
    but dats what i tell my gf… IF the guy/gal is not the person's mind 24/7 why not, if you never try you'll never know…
    but wouldn't it make the situation/friendship ackward if things don't turn out the way he/she planned?

  3. depends on what do you mean by the first move…as in were you friends before .. or you dont know each other..
    ok i'm basing this on the fact that you 2 dont know each other.
    my point of view.
    it doesn't matter who goes first.
    guys like a woman with confidence. but its important not too come on too strongly because that shit weirds people out. be subtle.

  4. i think in order for woman to make the first move, she must first feel that the move is gonna worth it. girls have intuition mahh.. so use it. see the guy's treatments towards her or wateva, we girls tend to feel that kinda stuffs.
    So, if the girl think she might have a shot after telling, then go ahead.
    But if his treatments or words might have suggested he intend to make her as friends only, then i think its better to wait longer and see. 🙂

  5. Well, if things don't turn out the way you wanted it, it's up to the both of you to decide to be mature about the whole thing and forget about it or make it awkward. Perhaps she can try something like this, make it like a joke or something, ask jovially, what he'd think of the two of them being together. Or something like that. Be creative and make it sound as if it's the craziest idea ever thought of, then maybe the guy won't think too far. It sounds difficult, but it really is easy to do.

  6. i think if i were you. i would not rush. i would give it more time.
    macam bak kata pepatah lagu by The Great Spy Experiment yang berjudul 'Class A Love Affair'… and it goes like this…

    '… gonna take it slower
    last a little bit longer
    oh yeah…'

    yeah yeah pop yeah yeah. maybe u'll see a clearer picture if u give more time. take it slow ok? 🙂

    aku bebual macam terror seh. heh.

  7. hmm .

    subtle – 'you know, ive always wondered why we dont hang out more often than we do ( *hint*)'

    not subtle – 'you know what would look good ? me & you, walking down the ailse, wedding bells ringing'

    not the best of examples but u get the idea. .

  8. ahahha my views eh….
    if it were me, i'd hold on and wait a lil'…
    I believe that it's best if the guys were to make the move…
    somehow you would know if the guy is for keeps or not…
    but then again guys always give mixed signals… ahhha
    so i dunno… i'd wait i guess.. if it happens it happens… if not you'll just move on and it'll be another “what if” situation…
    if the guy really likes you, he'll tell… i guess…

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