Procrastination At Its Best

I have been procrastinating a lot to complete this site. I have tonnes of images and itineraries that I’d like to share from past trip but time has been a factor of late. Most of the images are up on my SmugMug account but I have yet to share them, plus porting over from the previous site was a killer. I’d go online and upload the photos and then that’s it… I’ll do that repeatedly but never completing it. Based on the places that I have had the opportunity to travel, it’s a few albums to collate! Gah! Soon… soon!

So many things to do and so little time. Rough summary for my keep sake and after that, I should be done with updating the site!

  1. Transfer Multiply Albums to SmugMug
  2. Travel Albums
  3. Itineraries & Links
  4. Customization codes for some of the pages
  5. Ponder if I should stick to the current design… :p (Like Fir, my resident critic, says that I change my site designs ever too often!) 


  1. U mean Multiply Album still alive somewhere??
    i wanna korek balik all old albums in Multiply but don’t know how… I almost died when i went back Multiply and everything’s gone! lol

    1. It was for a while before they close it down conpletely last year. 🙁

      So I managed to port over all my old post and photos since 2006. Hence all the archives in this site, some with broken photo links that I’d have to relink. 🙂

    1. i would i were you… I think we started off knowing each other from there also kan… since 2006 onwards. I can still remember the first time I met u at the Reggae Party @ Sentosa… :p

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